Contribution of the Non-Resident Keralites towards the socio-economic growth of Kerala is remarkable. NORKA has been playing a vital role in the lives of NRKs by extending all sorts of support and assistance in every possible means Seasonal hike in ticket charges for the travel between Kerala and Gulf countries is an unresolved issue despite of collective demands of the NRKs in this sector. Eventually the efforts of Norka Roots in providing relief to the keralite diaspora in this region become successful as it could tie up with two prominent airlines offering a discount @7% on the base fare for air tickets booked by Norka Id Card holders.

Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways offer a special discount of 7% on the base fare in the air ticket for Norka ID Card holders, their spouse and children below 18 years while ticket booking through Kuwait airways website and sales offices in India.

Oman Airways

Oman Airways offer a special discount up to 10% on the base fare of air ticket purchased by the Non-Resident Keralites having Norka Id Card while travelling from / to India in Oman Air network. Spouse and children who travel along with the Norka ID card holders are also eligible for this discount. The service is available through and Oman Air offices in India.