The NORKA Business Facilitation Center is a project conceptualized by Government of Kerala. NBFC works along with International Advisory Council (IAC) to offer comprehensive support services and advisories for robust investment growth. It seeks to facilitate investments of NRKs and returned emigrants in commencing business ventures in the state. NBFC provides expert knowledge about the investment opportunities in Kerala and offers specialist guidance to the investors.




Helps in making and assessing business plans as well as detailed project reports.


Act as a support partner to identify space, secure clearences, liasion with Govt departments.


Impart knowledge on sector specific projetcs, investment opportunities, taxation guidelines etc.


Introduction to service providers like real estate agencies, HR specialists, banking of organisations.


Support for promotional and marketing activities to generate publicity.


Organizing sector specific seminars and workshops to help enterprenuers.


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Information Technology



Agro based & Food Processing

Textiles & Garments

Chemical Industry


This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is between NORKA Business Facilitation Centre (NBFC) located at 2nd Floor, NORKA ROOTS, Near Government Guest House, CV Raman Pillai Rd, Thycaud, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695014 and me, residing at the above mentioned address for better understanding between the two parties under the scheme implemented through NORKA ROOTS by the Government of Kerala.

The NORKA Business Facilitation Centre is a project conceptualized by Government of Kerala. NBFC works along with International Advisory Council (IAC) offers comprehensive support services and advisories for robust investment growth. It seeks to facilitate investments of NRKs in commencing business ventures in the state. The NBFC and I, hereto wish to regulate our relationship in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein for setting up of a venture. NOW, THEREFORE, we do hereby mutually agree as follows: NBFC will support me by acting as a channelizing agency to obtain the necessary clearances, arranging for infrastructural facilities including setting up and maintenance of exclusive industrial estates and parks, and providing advisory and consultancy services, in the extent possible as per the agreement between the NBFC and NORKA ROOTS.

The terms of this agreement state that NBFC has no authority to bind me in any matters of any nature or kind whatsoever. I understand and agree that I shall provide necessary and true information to NBFC to receive guidance, assistance and direction. The role of NBFC is to facilitate the NRK investment in the state in all possible ways under the scheme which include proper guidance, awareness and facilitation regarding the existing statutory requirements, licenses, regulations, etc. in the different areas of investment. NBFC might require disclosing the information/documentation provided by me to the Government departments for official purpose if required. NBFC will act as a channelizing agency for NRKs interested in setting up business in Kerala. NBFC will channelize the investments from me to other Government agencies for further advancement in the project.

NBFC will provide me with relevant information about any private entities like banks, financial institutions, market research agencies, business opportunities, etc. on request solely by me for my benefit and NBFC will not be held accountable for any situations that may arise between me and any third-party entities. If required, both NBFC and I agree and accept to use the other party business name and services for the promotional purposes like advertisement, testimonials, etc. IAC is a Government selected agency for channelizing the business investments from NRKs and will act accordingly to the rules, regulations and in accordance with the agreement between NBFC and NORKA ROOTS.

I understand that all deliverables and services of the consultants under NBFC will be free of cost. NBFC agrees to treat any and all information from me as confidential and not use that information for any purpose other than as required in terms of this MOU.

I will adhere to all the terms laid down in this document and will not act beyond the ambit of this MoU. All notice, demands and other communication under this agreement in connection herewith shall be written in English language and shall be sent to the last known address, email, or fax to the concerned party. Any notice shall be effective from the date on which it reaches the other party. Any Addendum to this MOU shall be in writing and signed by both parties.