Covid 19 pandemic and the subsequent lock down, suspension of flights and other restrictions imposed by various countries across the globe had seriously affected the employment of the NRKs leaving them jobless and stuck in the state. This has created a serious impact in the State since we share the largest diaspora community in the country. Due to the uncertainty prevailing across the globe, a sustainable livelihood for the return emigrants need to be extended to reintegrate them back to the society. Norka Department is to formulate a rehabilitation package – Co-ordinated Re-integration Programme for NRKs to provide financial support for developing income generation opportunities for the returnees.

Two major schemes under this rehabilitation Programme

Pravasi Bhadratha - PEARL

Pravasi Bhadratha – PEARL is envisaged to address the weaker/low profile category of NRK returnees with less savings and income. It has been proposed to implement the scheme through Kudumbashree Mission to address the targeted group with a sustainable livelihood.Following are the features of the scheme.

• Revolving Fund for Individual/ group livelihood activities

• Assistance to Micro Enterprises/Livelihood Activity Groups through community lend soft loans

• Interest free loans uptoRs. 2 Lac

• Repayment with equal installments within two years.


o Applicants are to be returned emigrants due to job loss or stuck in the state due to Covid 19 Pandemic

o Applicants are to be either member of Kudumabshree NHG or any organization formed under the aegis of Kudumbashree.

o Applicants are to be Return Emigrants who have completed atleast two years of employment abroad

Financial assistance

Financial assistance upto 75% of the project cost or Rs. 2Lac whichever is lesser will be sanctioned as soft loan. Loan is to be repaid within 2 years (24 months) after the repayment holiday of 3 months. Upfront margin upto 25% should be brought in by applicant.


Application forms are to be obtained from District Missions and are to be submitted with following supporting documents.

1. First Page and last page of passport

2. Visa page

3. Project report

4. Ration card copy

5. Document proving membership in Kudumbasree Unit (Either of applicant or family member)

6. Aadhaar card copy

Contact – District Kudumbaree Mission

പ്രവാസി ഭദ്രത - പേള്‍

Application form(Click Here)


Pravasi Bhadratha – MEGA

Pravasi Bhadratha - MEGA through KSIDC is envisaged to provide loans in the range of Rs. 25 lakhs to Rs. 2 crores per enterprise. KSIDC provides loans @ interest 8.25% to 8.75% and NORKA-ROOTS will provide interest incentives upto 3.25% to 3.75% for the first 4 years . It is extended to NRK returnees/NRK Investors from other States in India.

a. KSIDC shall be the implementing agency and NORKA-ROOTS will meet the interest subsidy of the loans under the scheme and NORKA Department in Government will be the controller of the scheme.

b. Applications for Loans will be processed through the KSIDC (Contact KSIDC for application form) and on disbursement of loans KSIDC will forward proposal with due recommendation to NORKA-ROOTS for disbursement of interest incentives

c. Amount will be disbursed on every quarter on prompt repayment of loans as per the claims raised by KSIDC from time to time.

For enquiries - Ph: 1800 890 1030


പ്രവാസി ഭദ്രത - മെഗാ

Pravasi Bhadratha - MICRO


This scheme is envisaged for assisting retuned NRKs in setting up Micro and small scale industries. The scheme is proposed to be implemented through through the branches of Kerala State Financial Enterprises. Following are the features of the scheme.

• Loans upto Rs. 5 lacs

• Capital subsidy @ Rs. 25% of the loan component upto a maximum of Rs. 1 lac

• Interest subvention for initial 4 years @ 3%

For further queries contact KSFE Nodal Officers

Contact details - KSFE Nodal Officers

പ്രവാസി ഭദ്രത - മൈക്രോ